A 36-year-old with history of multiple episodes of seizure

A 36-year-old with history of multiple episodes of seizure

A 36-year-oldwith history of multiple episodes of seizure.

  • Multifocal supra-tentorial and infra-tentorial, ring enhancing intra-axial lesions in deep grey matter and at grey-white matter junction in bilateral cerebral lobes.
  • The lesions demonstrate heterogenous T2 signal, T1 hypointense signal with peripheral restricted diffusion and patchy foci of susceptibility on SWI representing haemorrhages with moderate perilesional vasogenic edema.
  • Most of these lesions demonstrates an eccentric nodule along the rim of an enhancing lesion – eccentric target sign.




  • Toxoplasmosis is caused by Toxoplasma gondii, an intracellular protozoan that is found worldwide.
  • It is transmitted to humans primarily by ingestion of cysts in undercooked pork or lamb or contaminated vegetables or through direct contact with cat faeces.
  • Our patient (PLHIV) on further work up was found to have a CD4 count of 24 cells/µL and Serum Toxoplasma IgG – 11.5 (elevated).
  • CD4 count of <100 cells/µL, increases the risk of opportunistic infections like toxoplasmosis, candida, histoplasmosis etc….
  • Typically, the lesions are seen in basal ganglia, thalami and corticomedullary junction.
  • Presence of eccentric nodule in ring enhancing lesions and intralesional susceptibility focus on SWI, is almost considered pathognomonic imaging signs for CNS toxoplasmosis.
  • On PET-CT/Thallium SPECT minimal or no uptake helps to differentiate from CNS lymphoma.
  • Differential diagnosis includes CNS Lymphoma, Metastasis and other CNS infections like TB, NCC etc.


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Dr.Harsha C Chadaga
Senior Consultant and Head of Radiology
Manipal Hospitals Radiology Group.

Dr. Diwakar C
Radiology resident
Manipal Hospitals Referral hospital