Artificial Intelligence

We at Manipal Hospitals Radiology Group believe that Artificial Intelligence in Radiology is poised to significantly increase the value radiology professionals provide to their patients. The primary driver behind the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in medical imaging has been the desire for greater efficacy and efficiency in clinical care. Therefore, a seamlessly integrated AI component within the imaging workflow would increase efficiency, achieve quality objectives and enable rapid clinical action with minimal manual input by providing trained radiologists with pre-screened images and identified features.

With the legacy Manipal Hospitals Radiology Group carries in providing Teleradiology services for over a decade now, we have also ventured into Artificial Intelligence for the last couple of years and have collaborated with industry leaders in this stream to collectively adapt technology into our workflows and cater to qualitative patient care.

Our capability in Artificial Intelligence

  • Technical Expert Team: Our team of technical experts are available round the clock, are competent in integration of technology into existing workflows and devise comprehensive solutions for implementation
  • Clinical Advisory Team: Our Clinical team forms the backbone of our group and comprises of elite radiologists adept in all areas of subspecialty bringing in experience from across the world. The team being academic and research oriented, provides advisory services in adapting technology into the system
  • Testing Environment: We work with our technology partners to provide them a testing environment across our hospitals which supports the validation of their software/algorithm

Our approach with Artificial Intelligence clients

We believe best solutions are a byproduct of teamwork and hence opt to work together with our collaborators on the following aspects:

  • Understanding LAB to Market : Understanding User Requirement and Outlining the Scope of work
  • Protocol Formulation : Designing Protocols and implementation
  • Clinical Annotations : Clinical team advisory services
  • Beta Testing Environment : Designing workflow and integration
  • Clinical Algorithm Validation : Validation and certification of Algorithm

Our Partners

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