Teleradiology Reporting Services

Teleradiology Reporting Services by MHRG

In view of the rapidly growing demand for diagnostic imaging and interpretation, coupled with a shortage of qualified radiology experts and well-trained assistants, teleradiology reporting services are on the rise to provide a practical solution to the radiology departments of hospitals, which are currently facing an uphill struggle globally.

Manipal Hospitals, an internationally renowned healthcare chain, offers the best teleradiology reporting services in Bangalore.

We, at Manipal Hospitals, understand the urgent need of image interpretations in medical emergencies. To improve the patient care and meet patient satisfaction, the Manipal Hospitals Radiology Group (MHRG) standby 365 days a year around the clock to provide accurate and standardized teleradiology services with quick turnaround time for an uninterrupted medical care.

Manipal Hospitals is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare Providers (NABH), an accreditation body recognized by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua). Our passionate and dedicated radiologists understand the critical role of accurate image interpretation to deliver better outcomes for patients in image consulting and teleradiology consulting. From preliminary interpretations to second-opinion for complex and rare cases, our team of radiologists can address all your imaging expertise requirements. Our internationally accredited radiologists, remotely located in different Manipal hospitals, come together on the same platform to share their expertise. The highly efficient operational process follows an intelligent case allocation which allows the subspecialty expert radiologists to offer their opinions on individual cases.

Offering the best teleradiology reporting services

Locum Services

An exceptional turnaround time of 30 minutes in emergency cases, with an immediate call for action for any critical results


During your hour of need whenever you need extra support, we can ease the pressure on your team by helping you avail our locum services through our skilled pool of elite radiologists

Final Reads

Highly accurate and standardized reports for a precise diagnosis in short turnaround times

Night Hawk Services

Night coverage with radiology experts to bypass night-time shift loads on your radiology staff

Emergency Reporting

A 24X7 hotline for emergency situations, for verbal opinions within 30 minutes, followed by a final report in 60 minutes

Subspecialty Reads

Neuroradiology, Cardiac, Abdominal, Pediatric Radiology, Chest Imaging, Musculoskeletal, Women’s Imaging, PET–CT, and Onco-imaging.

Peer Reviews

Comprehensive up-to-date peer review process to reduce diagnostic interpretation discrepancies, and inadequacy of imaging protocols

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