Dr. Laxmi Devi P

Dr. Laxmi Devi P

Senior Consultant- Manipal Hospitals Radiology Group

MBBS ,MD (OB & GYN), DNB,MRCOG (Part II) , Fellowship in advanced OB USG and Basic Fetal Medicine (2010)


Research and Publications

  • Trophoblastic hyperthyroidism. All India Congress Of Obstetrics  and Gynaecology
  • Obstetric and perinatal outcome in women with epilepsy. Clinical society meeting at the St.Johns Medical College Hospital
  • Care for the Unborn – Kerala Women’s Science Congress
  • ‘Single First Trimester Scan – how much does it reveal’-TOGSICON Kerala
  • Padmanabhan LD, Yesodharan D, Nampoothiri S. Prenatal diagnosis of nail patella syndrome: A case report. Indian J   Radiol Imaging 2017;27:329-31.
  • Padmanabhan LD, Hamza ZV, Thampi MV, Nampoothiri S. Prenatal diagnosis of amniotic band syndrome. Indian J Radiol Imaging  2016;26:63-6.
  • Padmanabhan LD, Nampoothiri S. Prenatal detection of congenital high airway obstruction syndrome with encephalocele. Indian J Radiol Imaging 2016;26:70-2.
  • Double Barrel Sign: A Pointer for Prenatal Detection of Bifid Nose. Padmanabhan L D, Hamza Z V, Thampi V M, Usha M G. J. Fetal Med.  2014;1:187–188
  • Eight years of experience from a skeletal dysplasia referral center in a tertiary hospital in Southern India: A model for the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases in a developing country. Nampoothiri S, Yesodharan D, Sainulabdin, G, Narayanan D, Padmanabhan L,  Girisha KM, Cathey SS, De Paepe A, Malfait F, Syx D, Hennekam RC, Bonafe L, Unger S, Superti-Furga A. Am J Med Genet  A 2014 Sep; 164A(9) 2317-2323.
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  • Obstetric outcome of pregnancies complicated by genital prolapse. Asmita Muthal Rathore, Sasikala A, Raghavan S, Laxmi Devi P. J.Obstet &  Gynecol Ind1995; 45 (5): 630-634

Distinctions, Recognitions, and Awards

  • Young author award for the year 2002 by The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India for the paper: Umbilical vascular coiling and the perinatal outcome. Laxmi Devi Padmanabhan, Sharada L, Rita Mhaskar, Arun Mhaskar. J. Obster & Gynecol Ind 2001; 51 (6): 43-45
  • Best Poster Presentation: Partial Mole with Diploid Karyotype. ISUOG 8th International Symposium India 2012