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In the modern world of medicine, the delivery of healthcare has changed tremendously. Medical imaging and radiodiagnosis have led the way in these developments, which clinicians greatly appreciate. They no longer need to wait days and weeks before receiving a result. Instead, results are generated almost instantly, leading to prompt and appropriate medical treatment.

However, these advancements aren’t just benefiting doctors; they’re also giving patients more accurate information about their health conditions and treatment options than ever!

The Manipal Hospitals Radiology Group (MHRG), established in 2010, has been actively leveraging technology to develop reach across geographic boundaries. The group serves over 1500 images daily from a secured virtual platform, making them one of the top teleradiology companies in Nigeria. The MHRG’s focus on excellence means they can provide quality teleradiology solutions in Nigeria at an affordable price.

The MHRG’s teleradiology reporting services in Nigeria are the epitome of excellence due to its expertise and dedication to quality. Its members are among the best radiologists in their field, specialising in pediatric imaging to musculoskeletal radiology. They are amongst the best teleradiology reporting companies in Nigeria and have been at the forefront of innovation in this industry since its inception. MHRG’s services are available in more than 11 countries, including Myanmar, Oman, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United States, Indonesia, Macau, and the United Kingdom.

Why Manipal Hospitals Radiology Group ?


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Our Services

Being a leading teleradiology service provider company in Nigeria, MHRG provides several services:

Teleradiology Reporting Services

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Radiology Education

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Reporting Consulting

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Research and Collaboration

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Chest Imaging

Women’s Imaging

Head & Neck Radiology


Musculoskeletal Radiology

Pediatric Radiology

Abdominal Imaging

Emergency Radiology

Meet Our Experts

Dr. Harsha Chadaga

Lead Neurology Imaging

Dr. Rajesh Lavakumar

Lead - MHRG UK

Dr. Navdeep Walia

Lead Paediatric Imaging

Dr. Anita Nagadi

Lead Head & Neck, Oncology

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be reading the cases and reports?

A team of highly skilled radiologists with training in various subspecialties will interpret the images, reporting from a centralized hub located in Manipal Hospitals, India.

What are your coverage hours?

Teleradiology services are available around the clock to assist our partners in providing 24-hour radiology coverage at their centers/hospitals.

What is the turnaround time for reporting?

At MHRG, we have a TAT dependent on the nature of the case; normal cases are reported within 3 hours, whereas emergencies are reported within 60 minutes. In the case of sub-specialties, we ensure it is interpreted by a specialist & TAT may vary between 3-6 hours

How much time does it take to start a project?

Upon reaching an agreement, services shall commence within a period of 1-3 days. Please refer to the onboarding video for more information.

How do we send images?

Images will be transmitted using a secure platform (PACS/Pusher) that MHRG will have installed at the centre or hospital. After receiving the images, our team will assign the cases to our team of expert radiologists. When it comes to the imaging process, we are adaptable and willing to use the client’s preferred imaging platform.