Radiology Consulting

Manipal Hospital Radiology Group (MHRG) manages the operations of 12 radiology departments across India, reporting over 1500 studies each day. Collectively, the Manipal Hospital team has assimilated Clinical and Operational expertize over the past decade.

This expertize is offered to Hospitals and Diagnostic centers to support their Medical imaging businesses and integrate high-quality standards into their radiology services. We offer end-to-end consultancy services on department planning, safety & accreditation, and business transformation.

Radiology Business Transformation

We help establish the radiology departments and support them to thrive into viable businesses. Our expert clinical and operational teams help our clients to transform their Radiology practice to achieve efficiency, reliability, and relevance to current medical practice. We help establish a strong network of expert radiology teams and integrate practices across imaging facilities.

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Safety and Accreditation

Safety and accreditation compliance is vital to operating Radiology facilities. MHRG offers audit services with structured feedback to help hospitals and diagnostic centers manage compliance to safety and accreditation norms.

Equipment and Project Planning

MHRG offers assistance to entrepreneurs and new establishments in planning a new imaging business, setup & establishment of the facility, equipment planning, and workflow management.

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