Ms. Sumalatha GB

Ms. Sumalatha GB



Sumalatha GB, an accomplished professional with a decade of experience in teleradiology, holds a Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). In her current role as the Head of Operations, she adeptly oversees national and international teleradiology operations in addition to Manipal Radiology operations.

Sumalatha's leadership is distinguished by her effective communication skills and a comprehensive understanding of teleradiology operations. Her responsibilities include managing both clinical and non-clinical teams, ensuring 24/7 radiologist coverage, delivering exceptional client services, and upholding stringent quality standards. Her wealth of experience combines academic excellence with hands-on proficiency, establishing her as a valuable asset in the field. Sumalatha fosters a positive work environment through her impressive rapport with team members and doctors. 

Sumalatha's role encompasses a wide array of responsibilities, including preparing, reviewing, and analyzing operational data. She actively collaborates with case coordinators, addressing end-to-end issues and ensuring a seamless workflow.  With a keen focus on day-to-day operations, Sumalatha monitors clinical team performance from an operations standpoint. Her commitment to excellence and expertise makes her a pivotal figure in the dynamic field of teleradiology. Sumalatha's leadership and dedication contribute significantly to the success and growth of our teleradiology operations.