Reeja  Raveendran

Reeja Raveendran

Business Development-Market Research


Reeja Raveendran, a Biotechnology engineer with a Master's in Hospital and Healthcare Management, is a key contributor to MHRG Group's market research efforts. With over a year of specialized experience, her expertise spans biotechnology and healthcare management.

Reeja conducts thorough market research, analyzing trends, understanding competitors, and identifying growth opportunities, ensuring MHRG Group stays competitive. Her previous role at Zydus Hospitals provided her with practical insights into operational efficiencies and patient care. Reeja’s data-driven approach supports strategic planning and decision-making, fostering innovation and efficiency within the organization.

Her work bridges the gap between market insights and operational needs, aligning MHRG Group's services with evolving market demands and patient expectations. Reeja’s contributions are instrumental in enhancing service delivery and supporting the organization’s mission of sustained growth and success.