Ms. Keerthi B S

Ms. Keerthi B S

Strategy & Operations


With a wealth of experience spanning six years in the dynamic synergy of business operations and healthcare, Keerthi BS is an adept professional dedicated to achieving excellence. Armed with an MBA in Healthcare Management from Manipal University, Manipal, and a B Pharmacy degree from JNTUH Hyderabad, she brings a unique blend of strategic insight and pharmaceutical expertise.

Additionally, she has mastered her craft through certification courses, earning accolades as a Certified- Professional in Healthcare Quality from Ragava International Statistical Institute, Chennai, India, and demonstrating prowess in 5S Service Excellence from Parkway Pantai Groups, IIH Healthcare Singapore.

In her impactful role at MHRG, she is instrumental in steering the ship of business strategy. She is not just steering initiatives but exploring new horizons that transcend traditional boundaries, focusing on revenue enhancement, cost optimization, operational efficiency, and the delivery of unparalleled service excellence. Her expertise encompasses a kaleidoscope of skills, seamlessly weaving together business operations and management, the art of effective communication, precision in quantitative research, astute problem-solving, adept project management, meticulous planning and structuring, and a penchant for innovative thinking.

Beyond the ordinary, Keerthi is not just a professional; she is a catalyst for positive change and a driving force in propelling her team and organization toward new horizons. Her contributions are not only pivotal for MHRG's success but also instrumental in shaping the future of business and healthcare