Dr. Rajaraman V

Dr. Rajaraman V

Senior Consultant Radiologist – Manipal Hospitals Radiology Group



Publications and  Presentations:

  • Dissertation: Accuracy of MRI in detection of Carcinoma of prostate.
  • Wilm`s tumor at Guwahati city chapter of IRIA 2009
  • Neurofibromatosis Type I at Guwahati City chapter of IRIA 2010
  • Neurofibromatosis Type II at Guwahati city chapter of IRIA 2011

Seminars Delivered During Residency

  • Processing chemicals, radiographic film, physics of computerized radiography and artifacts in CR.
  • Development of genitourinary system, Congenital anomalies of urethra & Urethrography
  • Imaging anatomy of brain & Imaging in head injury.
  • Imaging of sellar-parasellar region.
  • Imaging of metabolic bone disease.
  • Imaging of peripheral vascular disease.
  • Imaging of white matter diseases.
  • Imaging & intervention in cerebral vascular malformations.