Dr. Preeti Sehrawat

Dr. Preeti Sehrawat

Consultant - Radiology



Publications – 

  • Early diagnosis of slipped capital femoral epiphysis on magnetic resonance imaging: A case report with review of literature
  • Thyroid hemiagenesis with isthmic agenesis: A case report with review of the literature
  • Diagnosis and signs of pneumothorax on ultrasound with radiological
  • Imaging findings in the right aortic arch with mirror image branching of arch vessels: An unusual cause of dysphagia
  • Fourth ventricle epidermoid tumor: Radiologic findings
  • Hemorrhagic Herpes Encephalitis – AJNR Case of the week.

Paper Presentations-

  • High-resolution sonography and colour doppler evaluation of scrotal pathologies (Ultrafest-Mumbai)


  • IRIA
  • Memeber of society of fetal medicine