Research and Collaboration 2

Columbia Asia Radiology Group manages multiple Radiology Departments and strives to be in touch with current trends in Clinical Radiology Practice for the benefit of its patients. A close bond with industry partners keeps us in tune with progressive practices in Radiology

CARG offers its vast collective experience in Radiology for the benefit of Industry.
Partners tap into our resources to support various Research & Development needs such as- ideation for new products & features, product & feature validation, clinical orientation of workforce, testing environments, clinical trials.

We engage with partners such as equipment developers, software developers, data
scientists, researchers working in the field of Medical Imaging. The following programs are currently available

  • Hospitation programs – Clinical orientation programs for non-medical personnel
  • Clinical Experts panel – Team of clinical experts to ideate on potential software features, product features, use cases etc.
  • Clinical Validation programs – Protocol based validation of hardware & software applications
  • Healthcare Applications of Machine Learning – Clinical use cases, data support for algorithm training, algorithm validation
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