Radiographer Course in Cross sectional Imaging

Technologists are the backbone of a radiology department, and they are primarily responsible for capturing data and delivering quality images for interpretation. Accurate and high-quality Imaging plays a vital role in modern healthcare scenario in almost all patient care pathways. Patient experience and clinical outcomes are majorly reliant on effective and efficient services of the Radiology team.

Recognising the importance and need for trained technologists, Manipal Hospitals Radiology Group has introduced a Certificate Course in Cross-sectional Imaging. The course is developed based on the insights from years of continuous internal audits and association with many hospitals and teaching institutes in training numerous technologists over the decade

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Highlights of the Course

  • Access to 40 cross-sectional CT and MRI cases per day
  • Mentoring from Subspecialist doctors and experienced Technical experts
  • Hands-on modalities and exposure to advanced post-processing software
  • Nutshell lectures on integral topics
  • Training on Radiation Safety Measures
  • Post-training placement assistance for high-performing candidates


  • Candidate must have Diploma/ Bachelor’s Degree/ Post-Graduate Degree in Radiology Imaging from a recognized university
  • Candidate has to undergo a Written test followed by an Interview with Chief Technologist


  • Duration will be based on particular programme as mentioned in the course structure
  • Training will be conducted 6 days a week
  • Any leaves during training period will be covered


Manipal Hospitalsl, 26/4, Brigade Gateway, Beside Metro Cash and Carry West, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560055
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Course Structure

Manipal Hospitals Group intends to improve the quality of cross-sectional imaging by developing the skills of technologists through rigorous training under the supervision of an elite team of specialist doctors and technical experts. Adhering to its motto ‘Centre of Excellence’, MHRG has developed these courses in a unique way that covers all radiological aspects about Cross-Sectional Imaging and also gives an opportunity to working technologists to brush up their concepts along with practical exposure.

3D Post Processing

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Duration: One Month

  • CT – Cardiac Angiogram Post-processing: VRT, Curve reconstruction with analysis
  • CT – Liver donor post-processing: Arterial anatomy, portal anatomy, venous anatomy and volumetry with report
  • CT – Cerebral Angiogram: VRT and MIP images
  • CT – Carotid Angiogram: VRT and MIP images
  • CT – Renal Angiogram: VRT and MIP images- renal artery , Renal vein and urogram images
  • CT – Perfusion : Perfusion analysis

CT and MRI Training

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Duration: 10 Days/14 Days/ 1 Month/ 3 Months

  • Overview of modality
  • Data acquisition
  • CT protocol Routine Angiograms
  • MRI Protocol Routine and Non-contrast Angiogram
  • Image appreciation
  • Perfusion
  • Spectroscopy
  • Hands on machines
  • MRI safety

CT Training

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Duration: 10 Days/14 Days/ 1 Month/ 3 Months

  • Overview of modality
  • Data acquisition
  • CT protocol Routine Angiograms
  • Cardiac CT Angiogram
  • Radiation safety
  • Image appreciation
  • Perfusion
  • Brain pathologies
  • CT practical – hands-on-machine
  • CT Advantages and Disadvantages

MRI Training

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Duration: 10 Days/14 Days/ 1 Month/ 3 Months

  • Overview of modality
  • Data acquisition
  • MRI protocol Routine Angiograms
  • Cardiac MR
  • Radiation safety
  • Image appreciation
  • Perfusion
  • Brain pathologies
  • MRI practical – hands-on-machine
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • DTI
  • Each day comprises of morning and evening sessions. The first session focuses on practical and observation of data acquisition and the latter is devoted to lectures as per training program
  • Lecture Topics by Specialist Doctor:
    • Cardio imaging
    • Liver and Angiogram
    • Cerebral and Carotid Angiogram
    • MR Perfusion
  • Certificate will be issued on successful completion of the course (Written, post-processing practical and viva with Senior Radiologist)

Please Note: Certificates will be issued by Manipal Hospitals Radiology Group. Customization of training topics may be done for both National and International Candidates based upon their training requirement. Training topics may vary as per the duration of the course.

Course Faculty

Specialist Doctors

  • Dr. Harsha Chadaga : DNB, PDCC (Neuroradiology), HOD (Radiology)
  • Dr. Rajesh V Helavar : MBBS,MD, PDCC (Gastro Radiology), Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr. Sriram Patwari : MD, PDCC (Neuroradiology), Consultant Radiologist

Radiologic Technologists- Experts

  • Mr. Vijayakumar. C: DRT, BRIT, MRIT, LHA Manager Radiology– MHRG


“It has been a fantastic journey and a great learning experience where I have enjoyed every moment and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with each one of you.

I would like to thank each and every one for giving me an opportunity to learn and complete this course successfully. I found the course very valuable. I am overwhelmed when I think how much my work has become convenient now compared to my past. Well-presented Thanks a TON and a very special thanks to MHRG faculty for guiding me in a right path and it was a wonderful experience working with you guys.”

– Mr. Dileep Kumar M –
(2017 batch)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the course affiliated with any university?

No, it’s not affiliated with any university. This course is only for enhancing the knowledge and skills of the radiographers under the supervision of experienced doctors and imaging experts

Q. Does the course fee include hostel or accommodation charges?

No, we don’t provide any hostel or accommodation facilities and the course fee does not include any other charges.

Q. Is the post training placement guaranteed for all participants?

No, post-training placement is not guaranteed for all candidates. Placement will be provided only to those candidates who show excellent technical skills during their training period

Q. Can this course be customized as per candidate’s requirement?

Yes, it can be customized as per Candidate’s valid requirement

Q. Is there any specific timeline to join the course?

We have not specified any timeline for joining the course

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